Water Visuals & Sounds

Vital Water in Motion

Movement fascinates me as a choreographer and nature lover, especially the energy flow and the interplay of water, wind and light. After many years of Water Walks in my area, my perspective as an artist has changed; the essence of every moment is infinitely new.

Water Meditation & Water Relaxation                             

Recommandations | The Water Visuals are made for small screens up to settings in HD quality 1080p

ZiAQUA Water Visuals & Water Sounds are made in the wet heart of The Netherlands. This environment is unique. Reeds and waterlilies grow in abundance and purify the water and provide it with rich oxygen.

Be part of the movement to heal; envision pure clean oxygen rich water all around the world.
Water is life energy, it’s time to change and purify our water of the planet with gratitude.

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